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Casino Craps - How To Play

More money is gambled on Craps than any other game in the world, making it the biggest gambling game in history.

The dice game Craps offers the best odds in an online casino or a brick and mortar casino, but only if you make the right bets.  It is also the most exciting casino game with the fastest action and the most noise with players shouting, chanting and cheering once the dice are on a hot roll.

The version found in most casinos is known as Bank Craps.  If you're going to play Bank Craps with real money then read gambling guidelines first and get some sound advice.  You may also want to read about odds and find out some interesting facts about mathematical probability with dice.

Now, read on and learn how to play, Craps superstitions, the winning systems, the true odds, which bets not to make, and everything else you need to know to become a pro.  


 If you're a beginner...

The Craps table can be a daunting and confusing place for the newcomer.  So many betting spaces on a complex layout, played at a breakneck pace and with a language all of its own.  Don't be put off, the basic game is quite simple.

If you just want to get started, read basic Craps and if you're new in a casino you should read about casino Craps procedure.

Once you've mastered the basics and you want to know more, here are two complete sets of Craps playing instructions for you to choose from - instructions from a real casino and dice-play's own Craps guide.

If it's your first time at a casino Craps table there is a certain Craps etiquette or protocol that you should learn if you want to act like a natural.  New players may also like to acquaint themselves with some Craps superstitions that may have a bearing on how you're viewed at the table.

The terms and language peculiarly used in a Craps game can leave a novice mystified.  For an explanation, check the Craps glossary.

If you know how to play...

If you play Craps seriously then you should know about Craps odds and which bets offer the best percentage and which are for suckers.   

Sooner or later you're going to come across someone with a winning system.  For more details and for FREE instructions read about Craps systems.

If you want some sound advice on Craps betting then read Good Craps Play for a guide.

Many players claim and try to control the outcome of the dice when shooting.  If you want to learn more, see dice setting, and rhythm rolling, controlled shooting.  

Brick and mortar casinos offer "comps" (complimentary services) to their customers as a reward for playing with them.  For more details on these FREE extras, see Casino Craps Comps.

And here are some Craps hustles that unscrupulous players try to pull off.  For descriptions of outright cheating methods, see Casino Craps Cheating.

Playing online casino Craps...

You can play Craps online and you don't even have to play with real money.  Many online casinos let you play with imaginary FREE money so you can get a handle on the games.

If you want to play with an online casino, read getting started for information and advice on how to go about it.

Security shouldn't be an issue because online casinos use powerful encryption techniques for data transfer.  These methods are used by all the worlds top banks and financial institutions.  However, you shouldn't play with any online casino.  For advice on how to choose an online casino, check selecting legit' online casinos.

You should get a bonus when signing up with an online casino.  This is FREE money but you should check online casino bonuses first to learn about the terms and conditions attached.

For some information on how online casinos operate, see an inside look at online casino Craps.

For more on craps, see casino Kiwis guide.


If you want to learn about the origins of the game, then read the history of Craps and Hazard for details.

You can play Private Craps anywhere without the casino and table.  It may help your game if you were to play socially. 

A number of Craps variations have been developed, said to make the game simpler.  You may come across them in some casinos who may give you the line that the odds are better than standard Bank Craps.  Don't believe it.  Gimmicks on casino games are always used to give the casino a better edge.

To learn about the special dice used by casinos for playing Craps, read about perfect or precision dice

And if you're bored with Craps then see casino and gambling dice games for more ways to win or lose your money.



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