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Craps Superstitions

Craps players, like many gamblers, are a very superstitious lot and some say they are the most superstitious gamblers of all.  Here are a number of craps superstitions that are widely held, even by seasoned players.

  • Male virgins are bad luck.  First time players who are male are thought to be unlucky when they are shooting the dice and other players may hold back from betting.
  • Female virgins are hot.  First time players who are female are thought to be lucky and players may lay an additional bet for the lady, when she's shooting the dice, in the hope that the luck will rub off.
  • If the dice leave the table it is thought that the next roll will be unlucky.  The thinking is the shooters 'rhythm' will have been broken.  Players often shout "same dice" thinking that the bad luck may be avoided if the dice are not changed.
  • Never be the first at a table or be the only player.  The thinking is the dice are 'cold' and need to be played first to 'warm' them up.
  • The dice should not hit any ones hand when thrown.  Players and crew often shout "watch your hands" when the shooter is about to shoot.  The thinking is the roll will be jinxed if it comes into contact with anything and Craps table crew have been accused of this by irate players.
  • Don't talk to or touch the shooter when they're having a good roll. 
  • Never mention the number 7.  Refer to the number 7 as 'it' - "I hope it doesn't show".  Some players call it the devil - "Don't let the devil show".
  • It is bad luck if the stickman pushes the dice to you with a 7 face up.  The crew know this superstition and you should never be given the dice with a total of 7 face up. 
  • Wrong bettors increase the chances of a 7 out.  And the more wrong bettors there are the more likely the dice will lose.

Many Craps players will have their own superstitions in addition to the ones listed above.  A lucky charm they carry or a lucky ritual they perform - stacking the chips in piles of precisely ten.  Players chant and shout at the dice with a belief that this will get them to roll in their favour

Of course, there is no logical or rational reason for believing in any of these superstitions.  A professional gambler would see them as a weakness.  They are a belief in supernatural forces that goes against all scientific and mathematical laws.  You may have a gut feeling, but casinos have the law of mathematical probability on their side, and who always wins?      

One gambler who was convinced luck was against him complained to a casino dealer, "I never get a natural or make the point when I shoot the dice."  The dealer replied, "You should be a millionaire.  You can bet against the dice passing too."

Never the less, respect and adhere to these superstitions even if you don't believe in them.  It would ruin the other players enjoyment of the game if you were not to.

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