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A Short History of Casino Dice Games

Whenever we think about casino games the first two items that pop into our minds are cards and, of course, dice. Dice games are the oldest type of gambling game that people played in order to test their luck.

No matter if you like to visit some of the most luxurious land-based casinos or online gambling platforms, you will surely find many dice games that you can enjoy. From Craps and Yahtzee to Farkle and Hazard, these games come in many different shapes.

In this article, weíll take a look into the history of dice games and how it all began so we would understand how this magical cube became such an important item in all casinos across the globe.

How Dice Were Invented

Nowadays, itís extremely easy for casino fans to find the ideal venue where they could play their favorite casino title. From finding the best online casinos at Chiefcasinos to visiting the nearest brick-and-mortar venue, the options are many for gamblers across the globe. But in the past, it wasnít so. People had to invent entertainment for themselves, and this was how dice were born.

Dice are 6-sided cubes that are used to generate a random outcome of the board or casino games. Their use can be traced back as far as 5,000 years into the past, but there are some indications that point out the fact that they might even be older than that. The first time we can see dice being used as entertainment is in Ancient Egyptís game called Senet. Moreover, it is known that Romans have also used dice to play ďAleam ludereĒ. Aleam ludere was played with bigger and smaller dice, and the smaller ones have many similarities to the dice that we use today. 

Today people donít even have to own dice in order to play with them. With so many available options in the virtual world, people donít even have to leave their homes to enjoy casino games. Online gambling in Michigan allows players to place bets or play games in a legal way without even leaving the couch. However, in the past, people had to make dice from scratch so they could have some fun. The most used material for making this 6-sided object included bone and terracotta. The wooden and plastic versions that are used today in retail casinos came much later.

The Most Popular Casino Dice Game and How It Came To Be

The most popular casino dice game is craps. If you want to know which are the best operators for playing craps you can read about NV online gambling sites here. Craps has been around for a while. Originally it was named Kraps and it had been derived from the game called Hazard.

As soon as people in the USA started playing it in the 1800s, it was renamed Craps and it had been simplified from the original version. The game hadnít been accepted by the upper-class, however, the lower-class society simply loved it and couldnít stop playing it. During WWII, when soldiers of different social statuses came together, Craps was one of the most beloved pastimes, and this is how it infiltrated all parts of society. Today, craps is one of the most played and epic casino games that you can play in any retail or online casino.





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