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Top Dice Games at Online Casinos

The first game that comes to players mind when they think of a casino dice game is craps, which is only normal since itís the most popular dice game at both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. But, little do people know that other dice games can be found at online casinos and not just craps.

They are every bit as interesting as craps. Some are even simpler to understand than craps, which makes them suitable for a wider player base or players that donít want to learn craps and all the rules. Since almost every online casino has craps, here you can read about other dice games available at online casinos. Letís see them.


Sic Bo

This is one of the more common dice games that can be found at online casinos. Itís usually available at online casinos powered by Microgaming, the biggest online casino games provider. Sic Bo is based on an ancient Chinese game and itís very much similar to craps, only a bit easier to understand and itís played with three dice. You just have to place a bet and predict what kind of a total will appear on the dice.

Some bets are similar to roulette, such as Big or Small, which means the dice total has to be either between 11 and 17 or between 4 and 10. The hardest bet to make is to guess 3 numbers of a specified value. This bet pays 180 to 1. Bets like Big or Small on the other hand pay even-money. As mentioned, you can find this game at casinos powered by Microgaming. You can use Maple casinoís bonus codes to try the game for real money. Some online casinos even offer a live Sic Bo version with live dealers.


Six Shooter

Six Shooter is an even simpler game than Sic Bo. You can find it at online casinos where 1x2 Gaming is the game provider. The rules are straightforward and very clear. The croupier rolls six dice first and your goal is to roll all the numbers in three attempts that the croupier rolled at the beginning. You have to place your bet before the croupier makes the roll. If you fail to repeat all six numbers, you lose your bet.

The catch is that you get to roll only three dice. So, if the croupier has rolled two 2s, one 5, and three 1s using six dice, you have three attempts to repeat those numbers using three dice. For example, in the first roll you might roll one 5 and two 1s, so youíve cleared three numbers, after which only two remain. Itís a very fast paced and exciting dice game.


Sharp Shooter

This is virtually the same as Six Shooter and was designed by the same game provider. But, there is a difference. Itís actually much easier because here the croupier rolls only three dice and you have to clear his numbers from three attempts using three dice as well, so the chances to win are much bigger. There are also differences in the payouts. If you clear all the numbers in Six Shooter in the first go you are paid 12 to 1, while in Sharp Shooter only 8 to 1. If you clear them in the second attempt you are paid 8 to 5 in Six Shooter, while 7 to 5 in Sharp Shooter. If you clear them on the last roll the difference is even-money in Six Shooter while 1 to 2 in Sharp Shooter.


Shut the Box

Shut the Box was developed by Endemol and itís a very tough game to win at, although at first it seems very simple. You are given a box where you have to roll two dice and there are tiles numbered from 1 to 9 in the box. All you have to do is place a bet and roll the dice multiple times. With each roll you clear out the tiles with the help of the dice total and the goal is to clear all the tiles. For example, if youíve rolled a 2 and a 7, which equals to 9, the tile number 9 is cleared. Or you can select the tiles numbered 2 and 7 because they total to 9. You do this up until your dice total does not equal to any tile or tile total. For example, if the tiles 3 and 1 are left, and youíve rolled 4 and 5, the game ends. Simple enough, but sometimes hard to win the game in the end.


Casino Dice

This is a mini dice game by GTech. Itís a game where you have to predict the roll of a pair of dice and when youíve correctly predicted the dice total you win a chance to double your money. An extremely simple and quick game. The biggest payouts are if you correctly predict two 6s (a total of 12) and two 1s or snake eyes (a total of 2). For both predictions you are paid out 35 to 1. You can also make Lower, Middle and Upper bets, which have a different dice total ranges.








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