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Magic Dice Multiplier Trick

In this illusion you show your subject an empty pill box and place two dice inside, pass your hand over it, and open it to reveal that the number of dice inside has multiplied from just two to four.

To perform this trick you need to get hold of two identical pill boxes and glue them together. They should be as shallow as possible to make the trick hard to decipher. You will also need six identical looking dice.

You show one empty side of the attached pill boxes and place two dice in it, with your subjects watching, and close it. You then make a couple of passes by moving your hand over it, turn it over unnoticed, and open the other side to reveal that there are now four dice instead of the original two.

To do this you simply place the four dice in the other pill box before you start the trick. You can glue the four dice, you have already placed there,  to the bottom of one of the pill boxes to prevent them making any noise, but your trick may be less effective to closer inspection.


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