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The Magic Dice Movers

Place four dice down on a table (it doesn't matter which numbers are face-up). Unknown to your audience you are concealing a fifth dice in your right hand by holding it in the crotch of your thumb next to your first finger.

Announce to your spectators that you are only able to cove two dice at any one time. Now place your left hand on dice #1 on the table and your right hand on dice #4.

Now change the position of your hands so your right hand covers dice #2 and your left hand covers dice #3.

Secretly, pick up dice #3 and drop the concealed dice at #2.

Then raise your hands and it will appear as though one dice has magically moved from one corner to another. Moving quickly, you place your left hand (still holding the concealed dice) on #2 as you move your right hand down to #4.

Drop the concealed dice down at #2 and pick up the dice at #4 and raise both your hands to show that another dice has magically moved.

Next, cover dice #1 with your left hand and #2 with your right so it conceals a dice. Secretly take up the dice at #1 and drop the concealed dice at #2. Then raise both hands and bring them to the table's edge and show all four dice grouped on one corner.

This now also gives you the opportunity to secretly drop the extra dice into your pocket or lap.

As a final tip, it is important to repeatedly practice this trick so all your moves look and seem as natural and smooth as possible. The most important element is to keep the extra dice in your thumb/first finger crotch and keep your hand looking relaxed, so it isn't apparent anything is concealed.


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