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Dice Fortune Telling - Basic

If you want a very basic prediction for the next week of your life, the following method can be used.  Draw a circle with a diameter of seven inches and cast three dice into it.  The total of the dice that come to rest inside the circle give the caster the following interpretations.

Total       Interpretation

0 - 2 There is no meaning in the dice for you.

3 Your circumstances will change without warning and very soon.

4 Arguments or disagreement can be expected.

5 A desire, or aspiration will be fulfilled. Unexpected information or assistance.

6 Loss, probably of money but it could be of something more general.

7 You will be presented with a difficult matter to solve.

8 A lack of thought may lead to difficulty or distress.

9 A marriage or union with implications for you.

10 A step up for your career or possibly the arrival of a new baby associated with you

11 Someone close will take a trip or part with you.

12 You will receive a message of some consequence.

13 Disappointment or misery if you pursue current situation.

14 You will receive unexpected assistance from someone close.

15 Take care in what you say and do to prevent difficulties.

16 A beneficial and pleasurable trip resulting in contentment.

17 Decide on a new opinion or benefit from the result of a situation currently concerning you.

18 A lucky, favourable and very fortunate outcome in the very near future.


Should any dice roll outside of the circle or fall to the floor then the following interpretations can be used.

1 dice outside the circle   Difficulties or an upset

2 dice outside the circle   Arguments or disagreements

3 dice outside the circle   Luck or a wish to come true

Any dice on the floor        Problems, worry or annoyance very soon


Beware -  Don't cast and interpret the dice more than three times in a day.  It is bad luck and it may backfire on you.


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