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Drop Dead

A good game requiring five dice and a score sheet.


Each player in turn rolls the five dice and scores when none of the dice thrown show a 2 or a 5.  If a 2 or a 5 are not thrown, the player scores the total of the numbers rolled.  If a 2 or 5 is thrown, they score nothing and put to one side all the dice showing a 2 or 5.  These dice are dead and the player continues rolling without them, putting to one side any dice showing a 2 or a 5, and scoring when neither are thrown, until all the dice are eliminated. 

Once the final die has turned up as a 2 or 5, the player is said to have dropped dead and it is the next player's turn.  A running tally of a player's score is kept and the player with the highest score after every player has had a turn, wins the game.

Example Turn:

Numbers Thrown Throw's Score Total Score
1, 2, 2, 4, 5 0 0
3, 4, 6 13 13
1, 4, 5 0 13
6, 4 10 23
1, 6 7 30
2, 5 0 30


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