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Interesting Facts About Craps

6 Interesting Facts about Craps You Might Not Know

Craps is one of the most popular casino games due to the excitement and thrill that it elicits. The atmosphere around a craps table is always thick with anticipation and the crowd around the players adds to the excitement. Placing bets, rolling dice and waiting for the outcome generates so much thrill and this makes the crabs table a top attraction.

The Beauty of Online Craps

The advent of online casinos has made things easier for players who can’t visit land-based establishments. Playing craps online is more convenient as you can play at any time and from any location. The betting limit is lower, you can practice playing with free games and there are promotions and bonuses which add to the thrill.

Fun Facts to Play Better Player

If you want to excel at any casino game, you have to understand it fully. It is what separates amateurs from professional players. The more you learn about craps, the better your game becomes. Below are some interesting facts about this popular dice game that you ought to know:

1.       Medieval Origins of Craps

It is one of the oldest games in the casino dating back to the Crusades. The most accepted version about the origin of craps cites Sir William of Tyre as the inventor of the game back in 1125. The game was named after a castle called “Asart” or “Hazarth.” The name was to change later to “Hazard”.

Other versions claim the game originated from Roman soldiers while another version credits the Arab’s dice game known as “Al Dar” as the origin of crap.

2.       Craps means “Toad”

If you have always wondered how the name craps came about, you’re not alone. Like many other casino terms, the word “craps” comes from the French word crapaud, which refers to a toad. This is because players had to squat when playing street craps as there was no use of tables. The name became craps when the game crossed over to England.

3.       The Lucky 7

Most casino games have some superstitious beliefs around them and this is the same with craps. There’s an aversion to the mention of number 7 but surprisingly, it is also the number most likely to be rolled at a table. 

4.       Longest Craps Dice Roll (4 hours)

How long do you think a craps dice roll can last?  Most don’t last minutes but New Jersey grandmother Patricia Demauro set a record by rolling craps dice for 4 continuous hours without the misfortune of “sevening out”.

Patricia set a record of 154 straight craps throws at the Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. The most surprising fact was that she had no idea how to play craps.

5.       Lady’s Blow Luck

Craps players believe that it is good luck if a lady blows on the dice before they are rolled. If you have your lady with you, why not try this trick?

6.       The best Bets (Don’ts)

Well, these can’t be fun facts without offering some tips.  You should stick with the bets with the lowest house advantage to increase winning chances. These bets are Pass line (1.41% house edge), Come (1.41%), Don’t pass line (1.36%) and Don’t come (1.36%).

Final Thoughts

Craps manages to remain a fun game because of it all about wagering on the whims of fate. As you watch the dice tumble and crush, the excitement and anticipation grow and this makes craps a great way to unwind.







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