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Which Casino Game Is Better: Craps or Roulette?

Stepping in, a cacophony of sight and sound surrounds you. Ringing, chirping, and chattering fill the atmosphere and multicolored lights draw your attention to a wide range of casino games. The first time a person enters a casino can be overwhelming, but it can also be exciting and inspiring. For those looking for a great opportunity to have a wonderful time and also enjoy gaming, itís important to understand which games are better to play, at least at first.

For this addition, we compare craps and roulette.

Roulette is one of the easiest games in a casino for a person to learn. Sitting down at a slot machine may seem basic in itself, but every single game has different pay lines, different bonuses, and different requirements to win. Roulette is straightforward and simple.

All you really need to do is place your chips at a specific spot on the table prior to the spin starting. You get to choose between straight bet, which is where you would put your chips on a single number or color. You get to choose between red or black, but if you wish to cover a larger section of the table, such as rows, columns, or corners, you may do so as well.

When the spin comes to an end and the ball has stopped moving, it settles on a specific number, between 1 and 35. If the ball lands on the number you played, you can win big. If you bet a color, the payout isnít nearly as much as if you had bet on a specific number, but the odds are certainly better for you to win each time.

Craps is a bit more complex than roulette, but itís also more hands-on. Every round will begin with a specific Ďshooter.í This is a person who will actually roll the dice. In roulette, the casino employee is going to be handling the ball, the spin, and everything else so itís a more passive activity.

When a person is about to roll the dice in craps, they can choose to place their bet on the pass line or donít pass bar. Then the dice is passed between players around the table. The rules can get complicated, but thatís not the focus of this article.

What we want to nail down here is determining which game is better. Basically, for those who have no prior experience with live roulette casinos, thecasinodb is a great place to get some background information and find some wonderful places to check out, and you can even gather some more insight into specific games and their rules.

Roulette is certainly the way to go for novice gamblers.

The bottom line is this: for those who have no prior experience in a casino or playing craps or roulette, roulette is a simpler game to start out with. You donít need to know much before you start playing and the learning curve is quite shallow.

Once you get a handle on roulette and feel the excitement that draws millions of people to this game every single year, then you may want to check out craps. In the beginning, though, itís probably a better idea to stick to roulette, play it safe and simple, get a handle on how you control your bet and finances, and then move on to something a bit more complicated.

Remember, though, roulette will probably draw you back time and time again because of the thrill it offers.






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