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Managing a Craps Bankroll

As the most popular table game in the world, craps has seen more money change hands than many small countries. The only problem with how exciting and enjoyable the game can be is that it can often leave us wanting more, and sometimes we can get carried away. Having both seen and experienced craps bankroll management issues ourselves, we've come up with a few basic tips to keep your craps cashflow running longer.

Getting in your Practice

There are a lot of different types of practice, for many types of players. Whether itís your first time at the crap tables, youíre returning from a break and need a refresher, or you want to try out a new strategy, getting some practice in is always going to be important.

Before we think of hitting any tables, it's essential to have a plan. While maybe not technically strictly necessary, and never guaranteeing a win, a proper strategy will nonetheless massively improve a playerís chances. Playing these, however, it's crucial to fully understand each method's weaknesses. Take, for example, the very popular Martingale betting system.

Using this system, a player can keep increasing their bet after a loss, until the laws of averages fall on their side and all prior lost bets are reclaimed. The fundamental problem with this system is that it requires an ever-increasing bet to be placed until a win is claimed. Sometimes this might require more money than our bankroll provides, whereas other times it could easily hit the maximum bet limit.

In other words, if you have an unlimited bankroll and no upper betting limit then systems like this can work perfectly, otherwise, you'll see a better ROI on flat-betting. You have to learn to measure and weigh such systems carefully to maximize your bankroll, and that is where the next step comes in.

For new or returning players, the most convenient and helpful places to turn are usually online casinos, which not only come with helpful welcome bonuses for craps and other games like slots, but also offer free-play on selected craps tables to help players get settled. Once comfortable, these online tables can also prove a superior choice in real craps gaming, matching up to physical machines in most ways, and exceeding them in others.

However, before going into this real play, we need to determine limits and playtime.

Setting a Bankroll

One of the most important lessons that anybody can learn in gambling is to set their own hard bankroll limits. This is the case in any brick-and-mortar casino, and it is similarly the case online. Rather than taking out money based on expected wins, the best way to approach a bankroll is to see it as a strict investment.

Like any investment, sometimes it can pay off big. In other situations, the market wonít go your way, and you might find yourself back to the starting position. As long as you had fun, and you set a reasonable bankroll, losses are all the easier to take.

Calculating your Playtime

Of course, setting your total payroll is only part of the equation. Once you know exactly how much you want to play with, you're going to have to consider how long you want to stay at the table.

Figuring this out simply requires a few calculations as to what limits you and a table employ, how many games you are going to play within a set amount of time, and then applying your betting system within these confines.

There is no one right answer on this front, as it comes down to personal preference. Some players will prefer to go in hard on the high-rolling tables. Maybe they don't have a lot of spare time, or maybe they enjoy a more fast-paced thrill. In this case, more dangerous bets and high-roller tables could be a perfect fit.

On the other hand, players who enjoy taking their time slowly, while sipping on a drink and enjoying the physical or virtual company, might instinctively head to the cheaper tables. Placing lower bets, this type of player might take a few hours to run through a bankroll that a high-roller spent in minutes. The key is to find your comfort zone and to do things your way.


Image Source: Pixabay

Managing your money in craps is like working with a bankroll in any other game of skill and chance. With practice, a lot of it can be managed, and where the ultimate line is drawn is up to you. The best experience is up to your tastes, and what you get out of the game. Understand this, work on your methods and steps, and the hypothetical perfect session might one day be yours.






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