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Bitcoin Dice Games

The digital crypto currency Bitcoin has become an important payment method in the last years. It allows users to make payments to other people anonymously and within seconds. The decentralised currency is not connected to any institution or country. Because of this, there is no control over who sends and receives money, their identities, and the payments are not secured. Once a payment has been sent it cannot be reversed. A chargeback is not possible. This makes the payment method for the receiver very secure. Before you send money make sure you have the right address. Another aspect of the currency is that transactions are free and normally processed within a few seconds.

Bitcoin games are emerging on the market more and more. Among them are a multitude of different Bitcoin dice games, offering a simple yet attractive gambling experience. In these dice games, you basically transfer your wager to a designated Bitcoin address, and you will get the results within a few seconds. The Bitcoin dice games can be played anonymously as well, and from anywhere in the world. Since the currency is not regulated by any authorities, there is also no restrictions as to who can use it. These dice games are also provably fair if you play with a reputable operator. Some of the games are very famous, such as the Bitcoin dice games SatoshiDice, or Betcoin Dice. They return to player is usually about 99%. The remaining 1% is kept by the operator.

On some sites you have to register a player account with your email address and username. You will not have to enter personal details, and your anonymity will still be protected. When you play the dice game with your Bitcoins you will get an instant result and if you win, the amount will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet instantly.

The popularity of these Bitcoin dice games has risen dramatically in the last years. This is not only due to the fact that the games have such a high return to player - on some websites even 99.9% - the games are also a lot of fun. You do not need to learn many rules, or dedicate a lot of time to playing. You can play a quick round in your break, or whenever you want really.

Many sites also offer other games, not only Bitcoin dice games, but also other Bitcoin games, such as Bitcoin Slots or Bitcoin Poker games. Bitcoin Baccarat is also offered by many online Bitcoin casinos. In general, you have a very wide choice of games that you can play with the digital currency Bitcoin. The dice games however are still among the most popular.

Before you play at a website, make sure you have read through the rules and Bitcoin dice strategy of the particular game. Also check that the website you are playing at has a good reputation and is not a rip-off. Reading reviews from other users and review websites will help.

If you would like to find out more about gambling with bitcoins in other languages we can recommend this Italian bitcoin gambling guide as well as the French bitcoin casino directory.




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