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10 Interesting Baccarat Facts, Trivia and Tips to Aid Your Game

Love movies? If so, you might have watched James Bond movies including GoldenEye, Dr. No, Thunderball, Casino Royale, Never Say Never Again and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The casino scenes in all these great movies stand out for a good reason. James Bond engages in a game of baccarat and it adds to the suspense and thrill in the movies.

If you have always wanted to play baccarat, these Bond movies will intensify the urge. Baccarat remains one of the most popular casino games and for many good reasons.

Most people find it easy to play and the rules are simple. Better still, the low stakes and low house edge makes it a popular game for those who don’t want to spend hours learning strategy.

Whether you have played baccarat or you wish to start, you need to learn everything about it. This guide explores some interesting facts to give you more insight into this popular casino game.

1.       Baccarat is Italian NOT French

Italian gambler Felix Falguiere invented the game during the middle-ages (the 1400s). In the original game, Falguiere played with tarot cards. The game got its name from the Italian word “baccara” or the worst hand in the game. While other card games got their name from the action of winning, this one gets its name from losing. 

It was during the reign of Charles VIII of France (1483-1498) that the game found its way to France. That clears the misconception that Baccarat is French in origin.

2.       It’s the Perfect Beginners Casino Game 

Many beginners love baccarat because there are only three possible wagers:

          i.            The banker hand to win

         ii.            The player hand to win

       iii.            Betting that both hands will tie


3.       You’re Pronouncing It Wrong

If you are like most folks, you will most likely pronounce baccarat as “back – uh– rat” which is wrong. When the game moved to France during the middle ages, the French appropriated not only the game but the pronunciation as well.

The pronunciation is thus “bah – kuh – rah” with the French accent. The word rhymes with “Far” not “fat.”

4.       3 Versions Of Baccarat

The three accepted variations of the game are:

         i.            Chemin de fer (railway),

       ii.            Baccarat banque(or a deux tableaux),

      iii.            Punto banco (North American baccarat)

Over the years, puntobanco has emerged as the most popular form of baccarat. This is the game you will find across casinos in Australia, Vegas, Macau, Sweden, and Finland.

5.       The Disastrous First Baccarat Night at Vegas, 1959

While most casino openings return record winnings for the house, the first baccarat big night in Vegas was a disaster. The Sands lost an astonishing $250,000 in a single night to players. Nevertheless, the game was so popular that the American casinos had to stick with it.

6.       The House’s Favorite Game After Slots

Slot machines are the best games for the house due to the high house edges. Players can also place multiple bets in seconds. However, baccarat has emerged as the second most popular in terms of returns.

7.       Tie Bet in Baccarat Offers the Worst Odds in the Casino

Before playing baccarat, you need to understand the bets and odds available for you. You can choose from one of these options; the banker wins, the player wins, or that there will be a tie.

On the player, the house edge is 1.36%. On the banker, the house edge goes up to 1.06% and for a tie, the house edge shoots to 14.4%. If you bet on the tie, you’ll only win 9.51% of the time.

8.       Casino Royale is all about Baccarat

Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond movie, and for many film lovers, it is also the best. For gambling enthusiasts, what makes the game interesting is the fact that the plot revolves around the high rollers game of baccarat. 

In a 2017 Business Insider review, Casino Royale features at #2 of the best Bond films.  The action in the film happens around the baccarat table. While this is not a complete guide to baccarat, the film offers crucial insight into this popular game.

9.       Bond won the first game of Baccarat in Dr. No

If you love baccarat and movies, it is time to go back in time. In Dr. No, James Bond played by the incredible Sean Connery, makes winning natural 9s easy. In a high scale game of Chemin De Fer, Bond wins his first onscreen gamble.

10.   Baccarat Is Now Available Online

While most people think of Baccarat, the land-based casinos come to mind. The modern lifestyles are hectic and you might not have time to hit the local casino.

Luckily, internet technology has made life easier and you can now play from the comfort of your home. Online baccarat is an awesome innovation as you enjoy the convenience of playing from any location. The live dealer adds to the authenticity of the game.

Final Thoughts

Looking for an interesting casino game that’s easy to play? Baccarat is exactly what you need. This game has a rich history and remains the best beginner’s game. These interesting facts will give you a solid foundation when you start playing.







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